Best Ben Wa Technology: Love Balls

Best Ben Wa balls for women`s health and pleasure

Love, smart or Ben Wa balls – all these names belong to one type of adult toys for ladies.

And these devices are designed not only to get pleasure, but also to enhance women’s health.

1.Lelo Luna Beads – Ben Wa Balls

























  • Kegel progressive ball training system for beginners

  • It includes 2 Luna 28g pearls and 2 heavy balls of 37g and a silicone pearl holder with an included drawstring for easy extraction

  • Ideal for those who seek to improve their pelvic floor and vaginal physical state to intensify orgasms

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2.Tracey Cox Supersex – Ben Wa Ball

  • Supersex Single Toner Ball weighs 1.4oz, has a circumference of 4.55 inches

  • Supersex Toner Balls weigh 2.8 oz combined with a 4.55 inch circumference and a 7 inch insertable length

  • The silicone balls contain balls that move freely for greater stimulation

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3.Fifty Shades Of Grey Delicious

  • 2 removable silver Ben Wa balls that are inserted securely into the holder

  • Each oblong ball is 2 "long x 1.5" wide

  • The rolling weights inside the balls move with you

Check the Fifty Shades Of Grey Delicious price

Looking to these little balls for the first time, not all women understand, why they need to play with them, and how to do it in the best way? Meanwhile, this unusual accessory could be a guarantee of the deep bright orgasm. Putting it inside you will exercise your vagina and pelvic muscles. As a result, your sex partner will never leave you after such fantastic pleasure!

The effect of the toy also depends on its quality. In our top, you will find only the best models, that were successfully used by ladies all over the world.

Top four best Ben Wa balls

LUNA Beads

The name of this product is entirely consistent with its gentle pressure on your body. With Luna Beads it`s too easy to intense climaxes and extend the moment of orgasm as long as possible.

Yes, you did not think, these smart balls are the best tools on the road to good health and bright sexual life.

This set is an excellent present for ladies who like nice colorful accessories, as unforgettable feeling during sex also.


The main advantage of beads is the multiple weights. You will be surprised finding four balls with two loads in the package. It means that you can play and exercise with different variations for the most pleasurable sensations on your choice.


General information about LUNA Beads

  • Size: 75x30x10 mm / 3.0×1.2×0.4 inches – mini bead; 89x35x16mm – classic bead.

  • Diameter: 29 mm / 1.1inches – mini; 36mm / 1.4 inches – classic.

  • Weight: 28gramms / 1.0 oz. – 2 mini; 37gramms / 1.3 oz. – classic beads.

  • Material: Ben balls are made of ABS plastic.


  • Color: there are pink and light blue toys in the box.

  • Water tightness: submersible.

  • What does the set include: 4 Ben balls or two pairs of beads, silicone belts, one black storage pouch, a card with a guarantee, a book with the instruction that you can also download on the official website.



  • Ben Wa balls are an excellent choice for beginners and ladies with experience.

  • It is a best-seller that has positive reviews from female all over the world.


  • You will get intense and long orgasms after experience with balls.

  • There are four beads with different loads in the one set for you.


  • There are nice colors and interesting design.

  • You can wash the product in any convenient way: by hands or in a washing machine.

  • There is a detail instruction in the box, that will be useful for young ladies.

  • The price is very attractive.


  • The balls are made of a high-quality, certified, body-safe material.

  • Buying this product, you get one year of guarantee.

  • You may begin from Mini and then use Classic size when your muscles will be more load.

  • The Ben balls could be used for hot foreplay and over time.


  • The pelvic muscles will come to a tone much faster than you might think.

  • You will get a pleasurable feelings wearing the balls in the vagina.

  • Beads are made with a rubber cord for easier removal.

  • A stylish package could be a good present for your friend.



  • For the first purchase of Ben balls, the price may seem too high. If you never tried it before it will be better to start from one set with Mini size only of a lower price.

How to use LUNA Beads: a few recommendations

  • If you are going to wear these toys firstly, don`t take blue beads, start from one pink ball. Be attentive to your feelings. If you notice some discomfort in the vagina muscles, check the doctor as soon as possible.


  • You can drop a little dose of lube on the balls for extra slippery pleasure.

  • We advise women who have given birth not to waste time and immediately take the blue ball.


  • When your muscles get used to the load of one thing, you can add one more. With time you can experiment with different loads, combinations and create a plan with training.

  • If you want to improve the state of the vagina muscles, it is better to do exercises regularly.


  • You shouldn`t worry about any sound during the wearing of Ben Wa balls. They are also silent, and you can put them into the vagina before going to work, date, or even business dinner. No one will know about your little secret.

Tracey Cox Supersex Kegel Toner Set

Sophisticated and stylish set could take a worthy place in your collection of useful sex toys.

Yes, the creator of this masterpiece, famous sex trainer Tracey Cox knows sense in long orgasms.

So, you can safely discard all doubts and trust her new creation, as the results pleasantly surprise you. This set of Ben Wa balls is not less interesting than previous, as there are also two combinations on your choice.


The first one is single kegel ball that is suitable for beginners. And ladies with experience will find double toner balls for more intensive trainings.

Interesting to know. If you want to know more about the art of sexual pleasure, you can find exciting methods in books of Tracey Cox «Supersex» and «Hot Sex».

They were sold in different countries in a number of two million, and are considered to be best-sellers in this genre.


Detail information about Tracey Cox Supersex Set

  • Diameter: all Ben balls have the same width – 1,5 inches.

  • Weight: 1,4 oz. – one ball, or 2,8 oz. – two balls.

  • Materials: Tracey Cox Supersex Set is made of body-safe silicone without latex elements and phthalates.

  • The color of Ben Wa balls: black or bright pink.

  • Circumference: 4,5 inches.

  • Length: 8 inches.

  • Flexibility: firm.

  • Waterproof: submersible.

  • Details: the set includes: two pairs (one toy is for beginners and two balls are intended for experienced ladies), satin pouches, the instruction for users from Tracey Cox.



  • There are single and double balls in one set.

  • Excellent value for money and quality.

  • A lot of positive reviews from ladies all over the world.

  • The creator of these Ben Wa balls is a famous sex trainer.

  • You can put balls in the vagina wherever you are, as they are entirely silent.

  • You will find cute pouches and a book with instructions in the set.

  • Silicone Ben balls are made with weighted balls inside intended for additional stimulation.


  • Both pairs of Ben balls include silicone retrieval cords that help you to remove them without difficulties.

  • The pair with two toys is the best choice for ladies after pregnancy.

  • This sex toy could be washed easily with soap and water.

  • You will get enjoy during wearing of these nice round toys.

  • There are only body-safe elements in consistency.

  • The universal weight and size.

  • This product is extremely popular among women of all ages with no exceptions.



  • Some customers notice that silicone cord is not very comfortable in use, as sometimes it slips out of fingers.

  • For some ladies, the diameter of the Ben balls is not sufficient for practical training.

Fifty Shades of Grey Delicious Pleasure Ben Wa Balls

The attractive name of this set doesn`t convey the fantastic effect that a woman can get from him.

They are designed with silver weighted balls inside of the silicone beads that slips smoothly in your vagina walls.

But the most fantastic effect of the Ben Wa balls is a great sensual massage. You even shouldn’t do any exercise. Silver weights automatically slide inside of your body giving pleasure and doing the pelvic floor more stronger than ever.


What you should know about the ben balls

  • Length: 7 inches.

  • Width: 1, 5 inches.

  • Weight: each ball weights 32 grams, all set is 64 grams.

  • Materials: Ben balls are made of high-quality hypoallergenic silicone.

  • The color: black with silver weights.

  • Flexibility: firm

  • Waterproof: submersible.

  • The set includes: one pair of two balls with weights, a retrieval cord, a firm silver pouch, an instruction with a part of “Fifty Shades of Grey.”



  • One of the best products for vaginal massage and pelvic floor exercises.

  • The Ben balls slide in women`s body very smooth.

  • It`s easy to put inside and remove them using a silicone cord.

  • It`s too pleasant to wear Ben balls.

  • The silver balls wriggle and jiggle inside you automatically.

  • Ladies can play with them before sex or for regular exercise.


  • Ben balls have a universal length and width that are suitable for ladies of all ages.

  • Regular exercises will make your pelvic floor more elastic.

  • Beautiful design and original name of the product.

  • The balls doing their job just while you are walking.

  • Stylish package and design that good be a good gift for your girlfriend.

  • The set includes a silver satin pouch.

  • The balls stimulate a G- spot when you put them inside.



  • The heft of the balls may not be large enough for women who have given birth to more than two children.

  • Only one pair of balls in the set that makes it impossible to experience with different combinations.

  • The loads inside are plastic with a metallic coating that could be discolored with time.


Interesting to know. If you were inspired by the famous erotic novel “Fifty Shades of Grey,” we would like to surprise you with great news! The author of this book also knows about Ben Wa balls and endorses the device with such an interesting name.

Kitty Playballs set

On the fourth place of our top, we decided to introduce you with a cute set designed by the brand called Rianne S.

This is universal Ben Wa balls indented for both young ladies and users who want to try advanced exercise.


In this set, you will find four Ben balls with different colors and heft. That is more than enough to create cool combinations gradually increasing the load. As a result, your pelvic floor muscles will be more elastic than in fifteen years.

Characteristics of Kitty Playballs set

  • Company: Rianne S.

  • Diameter: all toys – 1,25 inches.

  • Weight: the white ball is 15 grams, pink ball – 25 grams, light purple ball – 35 grams, dark purple ball – 55 grams.

  • Materials: the adult toy is made of body-safe soft silicone that is non-porous.


  • Colors of Ben Wa balls: they are white, pink, dark purple and light purple.

  • Length of the tow: 4 inches – full length and 2,75 inches – could be put inside.

  • Flexibility: yes.

  • Waterproof: yes.

  • Details: Kitty set includes four different Ben Wa balls with heft from 15 to 55 grams, a silicone lace, a zippered pink cosmetic bag with lock (besides balls, you can put there other favorite sex toys).



  • One of the best sets for young ladies.

  • You will be pleasantly surprised to find four toys on your choice.

  • Regular workouts with Ben balls strengthen the vagina walls.

  • You can try Kitty Playballs for simple exercise and advanced level also.

  • There are no difficulties in cleaning it with water and soap, could be combined with water-based lube.

  • This device is made of hypoallergenic materials and will be a great purchase for people with an allergy or sensitive skin.


  • Rianne S provided the set with a big cosmetic bag with plenty of space for other toys.

  • Use them together or separately, as you want.

  • You only need to add load for fitting your exercise level.

  • The toys are too soft and slide in the vagina very pleasant.

  • You can use devices not only for exercise but for pleasure also.



  • Some customers respond slow effect after regular using of the toy.

  • It`s hard to pull out the balls without a lace.

  • For some ladies, the heft of the biggest ball could be insufficient.


What you need to know about Ben Wa balls




It`s not a secret that after the birth of even one child the vagina loses its elasticity, and sex since that time becomes less bright and impressive. (2)

Some ladies even lose the ability to get an orgasm. To avoid such unpleasant consequences, you can use any balls from our collection.

Ben Wa is balls with a certain weight that should be put inside. They help to train the pelvic muscles when you wear extra loads in your vagina during the day.


As a result, the walls become stronger as after kegel exercises. And the main thing is that you do not need to strain when doing the exercise because the balls are heavy enough and do their job automatically.

You should also know about one secret, that some ladies use to give themselves and their partners a great pleasure.

We advise you to put weights in the vagina and wear them approximately two hours before sex. That will prepare vagina muscles for penetration and gives you more intense feeling.



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